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Arisumi Mitamura

Arisumi Mitamura is the former professor in lacquer art at the Tokyo University of the Arts and winner of the prestigious Japanese Art Academy Award for artistic achievement and his continued efforts to bring lacquer art to the international stage. Arisumi has been collaborating with Echizen since 2015.

Sunao Tsuchida

Sunao Tsuchida is the owner and founder of Tsuchinao Lacquerware in Kawada town, Echizen. He was elected president of the Echizen Lacquerware Union and represents all the makers of the region. Sunao made a big push for the modernization of Echizen’s products and the exploration of new markets.

Tadashi Tsujimoto

Tadashi Tsujimoto is the chairman of the Echizen Lacquerware Community Centre. He designed the building and its exhibition spaces and maintains the connections between makers and sellers.

Tomoko Maeda

Tomoko Maeda is a lacquer craftsman and designer at Tsuchinao Lacquerware. Many of her design ideas and prototypes are now part of the Echizen Metropolitan series. Tomoko is the principal maker of the Washi Bowl, awarded with the Tokyo Tableware Festival Design prize in 2017. 

Alexina Thielemans

Alexina Thielemans is a Belgian textile and fashion designer who was first introduced to Echizen in 2017. Now based in London, Alexina promotes Echizen Lacquerware in Europe and is involved with the design of new products.

Shiori Fujisawa

Shiori Fujisawa is a chef specializing in Japanese cuisine. Now based in the Netherlands, she promotes Japanese culinary culture and tableware through her company Shiori’s Kitchen.

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